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What is Lucid Dreaming?

Rise of the Dream Warrior

Lucid Dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are in a dream. Also called conscious dreaming this is something humans have been doing for thousands of years, from the ancient Tibetan Monks to the Native American Shaman. Today we understand the science behind this phenomenon and thankfully with the right kind of training can be learned by practically anyone, safely and effectively.

Most of us have had varying levels of consciousness in our dreams, some people have even had spontaneous lucid dreams but it’s rare. A lucid dream is unlike anything most of us can even imagine; it’s so much more than just knowing you are dreaming. There is an entire world to explore with complete conscious awareness, you can touch, taste, think like you do in the real world with one exception you know this is a non-physical reality you are exploring so there are no rules – you can fly, meet anyone, go anywhere, pretty much do anything.

Best of all it feels real, just as real as you reading this so an apple, for example, will feel and look like an apple unless you want it to taste like a strawberry or turn into a butterfly and watch it fly away which, with proper training, you can achieve.

Why Practice This?

We are standing at the edge of human evolution witnessing a revolution in our understanding of our own reality. Neuro science and molecular biology are the pillars bridging our understanding of the brain-mind paradigm; we are on the cusp of a conscious revolution. Lucid dreaming is an elusive state of consciousnes that allows us the freedom to roam around inside our own imaginations to experience events of impossible fantasy. Forbidden fruits can be tasted, fantasies lived out, dreams literally fulfilled….. Sounds too good to be true? – How do you know you’re not dreaming right now?

Dream KickWho can practice this?

We pretty much all dream every night, so you’re already half way there. The Out of Body Conscious Simulation (OBCS) technique method engineered by Dr Rory Mac Sweeney relies on training yourself to be able to become lucid in the dream at will and then using the techniques taught to help you interact with the environment you create. It requires mental focus to train but anyone who puts the work in can expect to have some profound results.

There are many sites teaching lucid dream techniques but most really lack the deeper science of how to achieve the state predictably and consistently. OBCS has been engineered specifically to give you a real understanding of the science of lucid dreaming, allowing you to take yourself as deep as you like into the dream experience. Few systems offer the level of insight OBCS pursues giving you the opportunity to develop your own personal understanding of the lucid dream experience.

How do I do it?

Training is essential and moreover, the right kind of training. There are many wannabe lucid dream systems. OBCS has been scientifically structured teach a complete dreaming system that can be used to build your own personal dream identity, just like the Dream Warrior, for you to consistently enter and interact with. It just takes 3 steps

  • Step 1 Wake up in your dreams
  • Step 2 Take Control of the dream
  • Step 3 Get Stuck In!


Reality Check


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