LESSON 13 – Looking Glass Rules

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

So who really controls the dream?

On this subject, I would say that we are the sailor, not the sea. There is a lot of debate on this subject as there is so much going on in the dream that we are clearly not consciously intending but is none the less under some level of control.

One may speculate that perhaps what we don’t consciously control may in fact be under the control of the subconscious mind. The theory in effect, being that the dream is constructed by our subconscious and therefore everything we negotiate in the dream is in effect a construct of the subconscious mind, including the people we meet in the dream.

The fellow occupants of the dream known as the Dream Characters (DC) are of particular curiosity. These are the fellow occupants of Dream World and they are a truly odd bunch. I would say, on this subject, remain open minded. Perhaps they are just constructs of our subconscious, manifesting itself in an almost self aware like fashion or maybe there is more to it. But ask them if they are dreaming. For that matter ask them if you are dreaming and trust me, be prepared for some odd answers.

The DCs can be people you know, living and dead to those you have never met. I’m not going to take the stance of suggesting that they are the consciousnesses or the souls of the real people but the fact is that they are very self aware, perhaps even to the point of being more so than you the dreamer.

I would say that this is probably the most exiting element of lucid dreaming, getting stuck in with the DCs. They can be helpful or provocative, friendly or fearsome and no two are the same. They will talk to you and can be a source of help when looking to train any task in Dream World. Some will appear more regularly than others and they can become what is known as a Dream Guide. Your dream guide is someone (it can be more than one) well worth looking for. An experienced dreamer would be advised to seek out knowledge through these DGs as this can be a truly profound experience. I might even suggest that this can be one of the most rewarding elements of lucid dreaming. To find a dream guide, simply look for one or ask the other Dcs if they are one or know of one. I once found a very profound individual by simply deciding before my dream to find a snow capped mountain and to fly up it where I intended to find my guide. It worked and was a truly profound engagement.

On the subject of training martial arts with them, some will train beside you, some opposite (sparring) you and some will engage you in full on combat!

The question is, can you be hurt in a dream?

You can feel fear in a dream; you can even feel pain, though it is rather rare in my experience. If one lands from a long fall, as Neo does in The Matrix, typically the wall bounces you. This too has been my experience but perhaps this is because this is my expectation. I have always expected to win fights as it is my dream! I might consider therefore that my experiences have been based on my expectations, conscious or subconscious and I have always believed that I could not be hurt in a dream. I might therefore speculate that such a belief is not such a bad thing.

possible connection but I remain open mined and cautious always especially when engaging some of the more elaborate scenarios in Dream World.

I was for the longest time, of the belief that the dream was effectively no more than a construction of my own subconscious self. This kind of deterministic thinking is a reflection of a more pre quantum physical notion of the world around us. With the world of quantum physics starting to unfold a far more complex fabric at the source of our reality than we could As for your physical body in bed – I have not seen any evidence to suggest such a have anticipated, we need to consider a more open minded consideration of just what exactly the nature of our universe is.

I could write a book on this particular topic but a colleague of mine Robert Waggoner already has, Lucid dreaming – Gateway to The Inner Self. It is a fabulous insight into this topic and I can only recommend it whole heartedly.

As for my own personal experiences, I will briefly share with you one of my first ever really bizarre experience in Dream World. It was a very vivid dream and I had just landed after flying down a street from my old home town. After briefly engaging a couple of teenagers and trying out their skateboard (and successfully flipping the board for a 360 shove it spin!), I met another DC who was parking his bike close by. After a brief but rather hostile vocal exchange, instigated by him it was on, he wanted to fight! I was beside myself, like this dream character wants to fight? So all of a sudden, here I am throwing fists at this guy all the meanwhile telling him that this is my dream and he is going to get beat but he’s having none of it and just keeps coming as I dish it out. I awoke shortly after and laid in my bed asking myself what exactly had just happened. A construct of my own mind or perhaps something more, all I knew was that my journey had taken a turn and it was time to go deeper.

On closing this subject, I might just say get stuck in and enjoy it by all means but be mindful; no enemy is more fierce than the enemy of the mind!

A point about nightmares is worth making here too. This is something people can be apprehensive about, a lucid nightmare. On this, I would say, the difference between dream and a lucid dream is that, when lucid you are aware that no physical harm can actually come to you so just fly away, change the scene, use your magic powers or perhaps try having a conversation with your adversary and you can actually turn some nightmares into pretty wonderful experiences!