LESSON 12 – Dream World Rules

LESSON 12 – Dream World Rules

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

…. Morpheus says The Matrix is like a computer. It has rules, some of these rules can be bent; others can be broken…..

When the reality generator creates dream scenarios, it takes the information from the sorting office without prejudice; it assumes the information being given is a map of events happening in physical space and time. The mind, in order to protect the physical body therefore treats the events as it would in waking world. So for example the mind would presume a wall is solid and chocolate tastes sweet, giving the dreamer these experiences as his/her dream reality. So the reality we experience is essentially based on and acts the same as the physical world. I call this principle the Factory Settings Principle of Dream World. However, this can be customised to our own experiential desires as we are about to see.

Now we know that the dreamscape is created at least at some level, in our minds, how do we navigate it?

This is a fundamental point to understand. Fascinatingly, we probe the reality generator’s progeny with a separate part of the mind which in turn, presumes the reality generator is representing the world around us. Therefore the mental construct it creates is by implication, a picture of the physical world. Therefore the probe interacts with the schemas as real events. It presumes walls are solid, water is wet, gravity pulls us down, etc. So the reality we experience is similar to our own reality in how we interact with it until we decide otherwise.

However, if we know that we are dreaming, we can override this setting by simply accepting that this is not real map of physical space and time but a mental construct of our imagination. By simply accepting that the wall is just a mental construct, we can walk through it.

This sounds rather simple but for many, this will be a bit of a learning curve. Letting go of what we perceive as being reality takes some experience. A good rule of thumb here is to keep in mind that is a psychological construct and not a physical one, we therefore do not have to obey the rules of time and space as in the physical world so for example to move through water, we don’t actually have to swim – it’s not physical, therefore why apply physical rules. You could for example just walk through it, and yes you can breathe under water in a dream! It’s just a matter of knowing.

When first trying to go through a wall, a moment’s hesitation in your action and you’ll simply bounce off the wall. I know of many dreamers that have got stuck in walls after losing their conviction half way through a wall. If this happens, just relax and remind yourself, this is just a mental construct so you can pass.

On Neo’s first attempt to jump from building to building, he simply falls and wakes up (have you ever awoken from a falling dream?). Morpheus says we must “free our minds”.

Experience and experimentation will reveal a limitless world if you open yourself up to it, so be ready to experience just about anything!

So, if you want something to happen in a dream, simply intend for that experience to be and really mean it, no hesitation. I call this the Intention Experience Principle of Dream World.

On this matter, one might ask how much can we influence the dream, can we make anything happen?

The simple answer is that everyone has the ability to influence the dream at some level, some more than others. Experience and practice will open all sorts of new abilities so experiment and see but the fact remains that the dream will still be largely constructed on a more subconscious level. I might for example intend there to be a group of fans waiting in the room for me, but the specific looks and personalities etc of the fans would be a huge amount of detail to paint in my mind so the dream will normally fill in most of these details for me.

I will briefly consider a technique here, known as Dream Incubation. The idea is to have the dream you want, for example I might want to have a dream about skiing and I would simply intend for this to happen. Some dreamers recommend putting a note under their pillow with the desired dream written on it. This has no magic effect; it is simply a ritual to prompt the mind to dream this subject. It can be effective though, so try think of other ways to ritualise a subject into a dream and you could get some interesting results.