June 28, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

Welcome to our Dream Tutorials series! Here we will lay out the steps you can take to achieve lucid dreaming. If you would prefer to work out of a book, we recommend this ebook bundle that has everything you could ever need when it comes to lucid dreaming.

Since the beginning of time man has questioned his place in the universe. Forever questioning the very fabric of his existence, looking to quantify his ever elusive nature.

Dreams have always had a place in this pursuit and for many cultures, they are simply considered to be part of our reality. Western thinking seems to have lost this sense integrity in dream reality and has in recent years seen dreaming take a back seat. However it is my intention with the science I am teaching here to show you something new. It is possible as you will see to wake up and be completely aware in your dreams.

This event is commonly referred to as a lucid dream or out of body experience. This unique state of consciousness is the gateway to experiences beyond the boundaries of our physical experience and may have implications beyond anything we could even conceive in our current understanding of the world as we know it.

I will not endeavor to explain to you what exactly this experience is in a tightly folded paragraph. Instead, I will gradually unfold the concepts and science behind this phenomenon and will ask only that the reader remain open minded as to what exactly is being explained.

I will ask the reader to understand that the model I am presenting here is not definitive as we can only evaluate within the boundaries of our current scientific model of the universe. This course concerns more so with what we can scientifically model value rather than loosely speculate and as such a much grounded stance will be observed. I am continually researching and adjusting my understanding of this framework and I remain grounded but open minded at all times. The concepts defined by my findings do not intend to contradict beliefs but to offer a little more insight as to how these events may actually be possible and how these may be applied to our conscious existence.

On the subject of applying the lucid dream experience, I have taken the liberty of offering as an occasional example, a concept that I, as a practicing martial artist of over 20 years have developed. This is not to say that the course is preoccupied with the notion of martial arts practice but I want to offer a little perspective from time to time about the practical elements of out of body practice. The course is a practical out of body training guide developed for use by anyone but I will occasionally employ the martial arts frame of reference to offer a little more insight into the more practical pursuit.

Out of Body experience is a subject that may raise more questions than offer answers and for this reason I thought carefully about where the most fertile ground to plant the seeds of my literature would be. As a practicing martial artist myself, I felt that the inherent language of martial arts spoke of both the body and mind as inseparable and that this was going to be a meeting of minds so to speak.

My recent exploration of Dream World has revealed the world to be source of rich experience and knowledge provided not by the dreamscape but the occupants of Dream World, the fellow Dream Walkers. Are they self aware or are they just constructs of my own subconscious self? Perhaps they are other dreamers, some awake, some still sleeping. This is a question only you can answer for yourself and experience will be the key to this question. It is time to begin your journey…..Rise up Dream warrior!