LESSON 23 – Don’t Lose Your Head

LESSON 23 – Don’t Lose Your Head

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

The dormouse tells Alice to keep her wits about her when she is down the rabbit hole. For lucid dreaming, this is not essential but it can make for some more intriguing adventures. Our mental faculties are at the best of times operating at less than optimum, one might say we sleepwalk through our days and wake walk through our dreams with rather unclear intention. One neurotransmitter that can have very favourable results on this is noradrenaline or norepinephrine. This hormone is responsible for modulating the attention and response faculties of the mind. It is known as the fight or flight hormone and for LD-ing we can benefit from careful modulation of this hormone.

The modulation of noradrenaline can make the dreaming mind more alert which can aid transition and moreover help the dreaming mind to be more alert during the dream. This helps significantly with both recall of the waking world in dreams and the dream world in waking afterwards. Needless to say, this is a veritable tightrope manoeuvre as too much stimulation will lead to insomnia.

The supplement of choice to boost noradrenaline is Yohimbine. This is a mild MAOI and acts by occupying alpha2 adrenal receptors in the brain, which prevents noradrenaline from binding to the same receptors. The effect is to fool the brain into thinking the levels of noradrenaline present are less than actually present which causes the brain to release even more noradrenaline and flood the system.

This is a supplement I rarely use and I am currently investigating other methods including small doses of caffeine. The problem with it is that if taken in too large a dose, it can trigger an overflow of noradrenaline from the brain through the blood brain barrier into the blood. The effect of this is something we’ve all felt from time to time; sweaty palms, increased blood pressure with a feeling of butterflies in the stomach.

The dosage for LDing is 0.35-0.5mg and I combine this with a Galantamine/choline trigger to transition at WBTB time. I also use a 0.3mg dose of melatonin in combination with this to offset any potential insomnia. This is a bit of a tightrope walk although I have to say that it is worth the effort as this is probably the closest the mind can get to the waking mind.

Like Mucuna Pruriens, this is also a naturally occurring plant and can be bought either in pure form or the standardised, synthesised form. The latter is preferable to allow better control of the amount consumed.

This supplement is something that only very experienced technicians should be getting involved with but I this is without a doubt when out of body exploration can become more of a scientific pursuit than a hobby as the dreaming mind really has the mental faculties needed to pursue the dream missions in an articulate way. Make no mistake, this is advanced experience and a real step closer to the intellectual faculties of the waking physical mind.