LESSON 14 – Getting Around Dream World

LESSON 14 – Getting Around Dream World

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

We previously mentioned the dream body or ego. This is our mental construct of ourselves, what we think we look and feel like. We are continuously adjusting this model based on our experiences with ourselves and others. This is a Freudian model of identity and it is an important concept to get to grips with and its relationship to DW.

Freud describe the true self as the Id or inner ego, the person we think we are as the ego and the person we show to others as the super ego.

As the ego is essentially a construct of our imagination, it is possible to change it. At the most simple level, this can be intending there to be six fingers on our hand and looking to see this (Intention Experience). This does work easily and was actually the first ever reality test I tried!

Look in the mirror in a dream – it is usually unstable, maybe this tells us something about or ego.

On a more complex level we can experiment with changing our form completely. This of course will take a lot of mental focus and experience. Knowing it is only a construct we can intend ourselves to Shape Shift, as some dream walkers call it. So with sufficient intention, we could change into a bird or a wolf. We can even change into more arbitrary forms, like energy and pure thought. I once read about a dreamer who became the colour blue!

So we are therefore given an opportunity to develop our own dream ego or character in which to be during the dream One can literally create an avatar to occupy in the dream. It is simply a matter of experience and belief. On this matter some might say that it is possible to do anything in a lucid dream if one actually believes it is possible. But the difference between believing and knowing is experiencing. Therefore for example, learning to throw fire balls from your dream ego or self is something that is possible. I know this because I can do it in my lucid adventures but I learned this step by step by practicing forming energy in my waking state and then bringing this into the dream bridging my beliefs to really nail the technique and now I fire away during my lucid adventures.

meditation navigating dream world

We know that the body we occupy is a mental construct and therefore does not adhere to the rules of space and time, so gravity is only present if we believe it is. On this basis flying seems to be the mode of transport used by most dream walkers. Simply intending to fly is usually enough to get most people off the ground but fear of falling is a very powerful human instinct and may keep you grounded.

The simple fact to keep in mind is that this is a dream and to just let go of the rules of the physical world. A good way to start flying is simply to lean forward and just let your body start to levitate and then just play around with different ways to move. Starting off by frog swimming can be a good way to move. The fact is this method doesn’t really make any sense in physical space and time but your mind may believe that this is how one would fly, so offering it this as your flying manoeuvre will trigger the mind to construct the dreamscape as you fly through it. I personally fly in a Superman pose and point my fists, with intention of where I want to go. It really is just a matter of whatever you believe would work, actually works as long as your intention is genuine. Another trick is to imagine something else can fly, for example a magic carpet or skateboard. It is even possible to get a flying lesson off one of your dream characters. Just experiment and have fun!

Flying really is easy in dreams, sometimes just the knowledge of the fact that your body is not governed by the laws of gravity will cause you to spontaneously float into the air. My footsteps, getting lighter is one of my personal lucid dream triggers.

Other dream powers such as causing lighting to pour out of your hands can take a little more imagination and practice, just remember intention is key.

On the subject of getting around, flying is not the only option. One could try teleporting yourself, a la Star Trek. A method, I really like, is to find a door and intend whatever or whoever to be on the other side and then open it to find just that.

Another method I use is to intend a vortex to open up near me and simply step in, intending my destination

In this regard the dreamscape seems to respond better to scenarios rather than direct requests. For example if I wanted to find a friend of mine, I would intend for him to be there if I called him on my phone and asked to meet him in a building, I am flying towards and most likely the dream would happily oblige. Simply expecting him to be there when I turn around may not give me the response, so use your imagination; the dream prefers it this way.

A final point here – waking up. As we can extend a degree of control in DW, we can use this intention to wake our physical selves up by simply intending for it to happen. Simply state to yourself that you want to wake up and voila: you’re awake.

I’ve never once got stuck in a dream I couldn’t wake from. I once could hear my alarm in my room in the dream and actually had to decide to wake my physical self up to alert my waking body, sometimes the experience really is deep.