LESSON 16 – Wake up Neo!

LESSON 16 – Wake up Neo!

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

Welcome to our Dream Tutorials series! Here we will lay out the steps you can take to achieve lucid dreaming. If you would prefer to work out of a book, we recommend this ebook bundle that has everything you could ever need when it comes to lucid dreaming.

Lesson 16: Enter Your Dreams Directly

Ironically, for the methods outlined in this section, we will not be waking up in our dreams; in fact we will be entering the dream directly. It’s time for direct transition training; this is when lucid dreaming truly starts to step up a gear. This is the only type of transition I do nowadays as it is more predictable in outcome, longer lasting with a far more memorable and visceral dream content. It can be harder to learn, and no doubt quite scary to practice at first, but it is the way of the true Dream Warrior. It is also how the Buddhist Monks as well as the Native American Shaman transition.

A WILD or direct transition, as discussed previously is when we carry our consciousness directly into the dream without losing the thread as the body falls asleep. The idea, in effect is to literally trick the body into falling asleep whilst maintaining a thin thread of conscious mind activity.

For this particular procedure, there are, like most lucid dream practices, a number of theories and methods, each with varying results of success. I am rather passionate about the method I use and will be dealing with this method as it is simply the most scientifically plausible as well as offering the best results, hands down.

The basic premise of what I teach here is based on the traditional practice of preserving the consciousness as the body falls asleep but incorporates the use of neuro-modulation. By recognising our waking state versus our sleep state as essentially being controlled by neuro-chemical activity in the brain, we are simply going to employ the use of drug free, non prescription dietary supplements to adjust the activity in the brain at certain times so as to compound and hijack the REM state to supercharge the brain to enter the state directly.


Many people will react to this idea as being somewhat radical and immediately assume some sort of drug role play but this is simply a rather naïve understanding of how we normally conduct our neurochemical management.

Everything we eat affects the neurochemical pathways at some level. The procedure we use to induce lucid dreaming does not introduce any foreign activity into the equation of regular dreaming; on the contrary we are simply adjusting the dream event to make it more intense by pushing certain neuromodular vehicles a little faster.

The supplements used are non prescription, dietary supplements that are otherwise used safely by healthy individuals to enhance their own lifestyles helping the aging, degenerating body to outwit the forces of nature with a little more favour.

The dose of these supplements employed for lucid dreaming is less than the recommended daily dose and is used far less frequently, so there really is very little risk if properly managed and maintained. One should even reap the benefits of these particular substances in the same way as one would any other health supplement.

Needless to say, anyone should consult a physician or at least be mindful of their own medical circumstances prior to consuming any products. Pregnant women certainly should not be looking to consider participating in this exercise under any circumstances. Those with pre-existing medical conditions should exercise a similar stance until they have thoroughly investigated their own circumstances.

This is a largely misunderstood area of the science of lucid dreaming and many wannabe lucid dreamers get left behind as a result, often spending much time and effort on training more traditional methods only to yield infrequent low end results. I can personally successfully transition with a 95 % hit rate up to 3 times a week for up to an hour with this method, other experts have reported up to 2 hour sessions. The effectiveness of this method is simply unparalleled.

The method I employ is essentially the WILD method that I referred to previously but I will be describing it here with the employment of supplements. The procedure and process will essentially be the same as a normal WILD, just a little more predictable in its outcome. I will first outline the WILD or direct transition method and then show you how supplements can be used to boost transitions to being almost 100% effective. Not everyone will want to try supplements but just to give you some perspective – Most non supplement dreamers report 90% DILDs and 10 % WILDs. With supplements it is closer to 90% WILDs and 10 % DILDs. Be open minded on this concept, it is simply the best approach and cannot be ignored if one is serious about getting deep on the subject.