LESSON 26 – Proof of Life

LESSON 26 – Proof of Life

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

I decided to conclude the book as I started – with an address to the crucial question of just what exactly is our reality. When we refer to our reality we are normally referring to our own experience of our waking world. I will, however attempt to show that this is something simply does not hold up when we take a more objective scientific evaluation of events.

At the most fundamental level of experience, we can observe our world in two dimensions. Yes I said two. The eyes can only perceive in two dimensions; the third dimension is implied and constructed as a consideration by the brain but we do not see in three dimensions. So one might speculate that if we could see in three dimensions, then we could speculate a fourth. But what exactly is a fourth dimension of reality?

If we look at any point in space we can locate it by using three intersecting lines, each representing a dimension of reality. We may also track this along a time line which gives rise to the classic time space model that we use to observe our reality. However it is mathematically possible to calculate a number of other dimensions (up to e eleven) that we simply cannot perceive though they are mathematically plausible. We therefore have to consider that our experience is fundamentally lacking in qualification to determine our true reality.

This may seem on the surface be nothing more than mathematical hyperbole but this is not so. If we consider the deterministic behavior of events in our reality, it is possible to mathematically imply the effect of object A on object B at any given time and space, presuming we know certain values of each of the two objects. However when we look at events in the sub atomic or quantum world we see that this mathematical principle breaks down. The reason is that in the sub atomic world, it is not possible to give a single value for an event. Particles do not exist in a defined position in time and space but as a wave of possible locations at any time. This is defined by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and I will allow you to explore this topic yourself as it is a rather elaborate discussion. But the fact remains; if one cannot give a clear definition of these events which make up the fabric of our reality then we simply cannot define the true picture by our own deterministic observation.

One might speculate that the dream event follows a similar pattern of activity, not being fixed in space and time but frequently random in its discourse. Could there be a connection. Is this some kind of Quantum Reality?

If this is so then how van we access it if the two are fundamentally at odds with each other?

The answer may lie in what is known as Quantum Entanglement. Among the theories of quantum entanglement is the theory of Quantum Non Local Reality. This is a rather intriguing property of certain particles that are taken from the same source. When they are separated over impossibly long distances, it is actually possible to demonstrate a direct reciprocal value in their measurements. So even though both, as said previously are completely random possible measurements at the outset, it is possible to deduce the value of one exactly like a mirror image of the other at any time. So the two particles, though not physically connected are in effect eternal mirror images of each other when measured independently at two entirely different locations. This has been tested and proved.

It is now abundantly clear that events in the universe are communicating not through the time space physical model of our experience. A more sophisticated language is clearly being employed and the search is on. As a matter of fact the visible matter that we see around us only makes up a paltry 4% of the universe around us. The rest is made up of an invisible material known as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. This has been both mathematically implied to exist and can be observed by the bending of light from celestial bodies.

In my model of understanding, the brain is somewhat like a mixing desk in a music studio. We can tune it to certain frequencies to consciously engage events. Some of these frequencies may be gateways to perceiving events in non local realities. The brain is a tool and we can with more understanding hope to unlock these frequencies. This is the reason I have chosen to employ neuromodulation as my primary modus operanda and I am now looking at how we can tune this interface into the quantum events that may make up other realities. The Dream World may just be one of these realities and I hope in time we will see this not as some incidental trick of the mind but perhaps as the very thing we all want to believe …. A Proof of Life….

……see you in Dream World…..