LESSON 21 – Bringing the Reinforcements

LESSON 21 – Bringing the Reinforcements

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

In addition to preventing the breakdown of Acetylcholine it is also possible to actually possible to increase the presence of acetylcholine directly in the brain by taking supplements that can actually be used in the production of Acetylcholine.

The first of these are Choline Bitartrate or Choline Citrate. These are known as choline salts and are precursors (building blocks) used to produce acetylcholine in the brain. The choline salts work synergistically with the galantamine to speed up the production of acetylcholine and can jumpstart the process better than with Galantamine alone. Of particular significance here is that it is not only the amount of Acetylcholine in the brain but also the rate of production of Acetylcholine that triggers a WILD, so using this combined trigger can escalate the experience significantly.

choline bitartrate

The salts are taken with the Galantamine at WBTB time and a dose of 500 – 1000 is a good LD dose. It is possible to buy Galantamine combined with the salts as a single supplement with the appropriate percentages of both if you shop around.

The problem with these particular salts is that despite the fact that they can pass the blood brain barrier and therefore act quickly; their ability to pass the barrier is concentration dependant. This in effect means that the higher the concentration gradient they face, the less effective they are at passing the barrier. So as we start to accumulate Ach in the brain during the transition, there is a reciprocal reduction of ability of the salts to cross the barrier.

To solve this gradual loss of ACh accumulation efficiency, we can employ the use of another supplement known as Glycerophosphocholine (GPC). This is another ACh precursor but it is not concentration dependant and so can efficiently cross the blood brain barrier even if high levels of ACh are present. The disadvantage of this supplement when used alone is the time it takes to be absorbed and doesn’t reach peak plasma concentration for up to 3 hours. For this reason it is invariably better to combine it with Galantamine to achieve consistent results.

The dose used is 600-1200mg taken at WBTB. The kind of dreams and transitions experienced can be greatly affected by the amount consumed. I would say from experience that the transitions experienced at the higher levels can be very intense and I would insist that one tries smaller doses before gradually increasing to higher doses.

The dream stability and length appears to be much longer too with the larger doses. This would seem to be due to the relay activity between the Galantamine, Salts and GPC, each one doing the same duty at different times. I would want to know that I am going to be able to stay in bed a little later than norm before trying the higher doses so as to allow myself to be completely immersed in a lengthy dream experience that will ensue on this. I have experienced extraordinarily long dreams on this and have even had to wake up for a minute before going directly back in during some of my sessions as they were just going on for such lengthy periods.