LESSON 25 – Are We Alone?

LESSON 25 – Are We Alone?

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

The conscious dream is an interesting place and take my word for it, no one is more interesting than the dream characters, suffice to say even the dream itself can act like a character from time to time.

The question is who really controls the characters; who is the real puppet master of the dream world?

Experiences with these guys can be very thought provoking.

Let’s look at how we are, ourselves in the dream. We are either non lucid in which case;

we are effectively navigating without any real sense of self awareness, reacting to stimuli with about as much consideration as a Venus Fly Trap.

When we are lucid, on the other hand, we act in a far more peculiar way, questioning things, continuously provoking reactions and analysing them to create interesting scenarios.

The characters that occupy the dreamscape act in a very similar way, ranging from totally brain dead to painfully self aware.

On the surface, this prompts an obvious question. Are they just that, self aware?

Is this a sign of intelligent life?

Could this be the answer to our very deepest notion about ourselves?

The following conclusion is based on my own experiences and conclusions.

It has come to my attention during my travels that the level of self awareness of the characters in my dreams seems to be somewhat reflective of my own state of mind during the dream.

My own cognitive levels (like all lucid dreamers) varies from dream to dream, depending on a number of factors, like the induction method used, my emotional state of mind, my inherent desire to be lucid and so forth.

It has been my personal experience that there is an almost reciprocal level of lucidity among my own dream characters; the more tuned in I am, the more provocative they seem to be.

If we were to consider this with respect to the model of subconscious as being the script writer for the Dream World, as I do, then it stands to reason that the occupants are on a par with our own mindset.

This model adds up until we experience something that simple is not even in the vocabulary of our thinking. We may for example have one of the dream characters reveal information to us that is simply beyond anything we have ever consciously engaged previously. How is it possible that they know something that we ourselves have no previous experience of?

We might speculate that the conscious mind is not always privy to the knowledge of the subconscious mind. Some secrets are kept by ourselves from ourselves. Take for example repressed memories, something so traumatic that the mind, in an effort to protect itself, may hide a memory from the conscious self. So we therefore cannot be sure that we are completely aware of our own inner knowledge.

So looking at this model, we can consider that the subconscious to be the animator of the Dream World and that the subconscious can be in possession of knowledge that conscious mind does not have, then surely the only question is how much does the subconscious know and moreover, from where does it get the information?

Does it gather up the information from the meandering events of our conscious existence or does the rabbit hole go deeper?

Is this well filled with past lives, a collective mind, perhaps even an ancient forgotten realm, that just got washed away by the sands of time.

The only way we will know for sure is we take that step forward and take the red pill, to step into Wonderland and see just how deep the rabbit hole actually goes!!