LUCIDITY TIP: Having a number of tasks to complete in the Dream will help to focus mindfulness

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What is lucid dreaming..?

Lucid dreaming is being aware you are dreaming while dreaming and consciously navigating the dreamscape. Oneironaut, Dr Rory Mac Sweeney, has been exploring the inner world for many years and now, he invites you to join him in his quest to infinity….


Join in and find out for yourself….


Next London Meet Up 12/4/2015 – Lucid Dreaming – Behind the Looking Glass

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Martial Arts Illustrated

The Experiment makes front cover Martial Arts Illustrated


Rise of the Dream Warrior

Amazing Article in Martial Arts Illustrated


Martial Arts Illustrated

Martial Arts Illustrated Article September 2010… Check out the Dream Warrior’s review of Inception…

Reality Check


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