LESSON 18 – Shifting Gears

LESSON 18 – Shifting Gears

June 29, 2017 Off By Lucid-Dreamer

I’ve thought a great deal about this lesson prior to writing about it and have decided that I am going to give an outline of this technique rather than get too tied up in the science. There is a fine line between academia and practical knowledge and I will refer to my own martial arts training here and say that ultimately, here I will tell you what works best as opposed over exploring the hypothetical.

The brain communicates to the body and mind by the use of what are referred to as neurochemicals. There are 4 of these that are of particular relevance to dreaming and moreover to lucid dreaming. These are serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin or norepinephrine and acetylcholine.

I will identify each in turn and discuss how we can modulate them safely through the consumption of safe dietary supplements to create some spectacular results before finally summarising the strategy that I myself use to jump. I refer to as this technique as REM

Hijacking and it can be done with or without supplements but I really cannot compare the results as the supplements really take this to the next level.

I have therefore decided to commit myself to revealing the supplement approach and will be taking you through each supplement individually, explaining them each in a similar fashion, dissecting the necessary science as this is crucial to taking this route. I will then be framing them in reference to your current practice, which I have been sharing with you so far. Everything we have already covered will be relevant to this approach so make sure your head is screwed on, regarding the science up until now before we move on to this.

Finally, I will consider anyone who is reading this rather complex text to be of adequate mind to be able to navigate the practice of any methods taught in a responsible way and to ensure that they are of sound body and mind to engage such activity. Medical consultation should be sought if one has any doubts about any of the techniques described.

I cannot stress enough the need for each person to take responsibility for their own actions. The consumption of any product can have adverse effects for any individual. We are about to step into the details of the supplement approach and a great deal of car should be taken here. The products I will outline should be tried out one by one, assessing the response of each on your dreaming activity and personal health before moving on and trying combinations.