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What is Enlightenment Really?

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

11B9E577-8566-4A49-B525-67F0ABF170B4An ape stares out into the cosmos. A question wells up in consciousness – Who am I? 

Millions of years later and this same question remains and it is this very question that lies at the heart of our nature for we are that very aspect of the cosmos that is able to reflect on our very own state of being – we are the introspective atoms that make up the answer if only we can see it.

The following extract from my own book – The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming is a snap shot of how the world appears when we answer this question of our true nature. Enlightenment simply means being awake to the interdependence of everything that makes up our reality. In the same way that a dreamer implies the dream much as the dream implies the dreamer, so too do we imply each other. Knowing this deeply in our hearts opens us up to compassion and altruism, as we no longer see each other as separate beings but part of an interconnected whole. I hope you enjoy this little share and see that enlightenment is not some far off exotic state of being that only the few ever reach. It’s simple really, just see it for yourself…


  1) Wake Up, You Are Dreaming

 I have some wonderful news for you, something so incredible that I just had to share it. Are you ready? Wait a moment. Are you certain you want to hear it? OK, here goes then … Right now, at this very moment, though it may seem impossible, you are, in fact, dreaming.                                                                                                                                            

Yes, I know how delightful this is. In the realm of dreams, you are a limitless being with infinite possibilities, what could be more exciting? The world is a playground, you can indulge in endless fantasies and they all feel completely real. In fact, they feel so real that you sometimes forget you are dreaming, which makes them even more exciting.

Dreams can be sad too though, even difficult occasionally, but the pain gives meaning to the pleasure. Everything has its opposite – day has night, dark has light, left has right and you have me. Yes, the other half of you is my own self. Together we are one and that one is the dream of life.
There is a catch, however. It is easy to enjoy the dream so much that you actually get lost and believe that it is too real to be a dream. But how could something be ‘too real’ to be a dream? Aren’t dreams real too? This is a very curious question indeed: how can we ever know what is real? Perhaps it isn’t possible, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Learning how the world works is what makes life interesting as it allows us to interact with what we see around us in all sorts of wondrous ways.

Being ‘awake’ in the dream doesn’t necessarily change the dream, it changes you and your perception of the dream, but because you are the dream, pretty soon the dream starts to change too. You begin to see the world as it truly is: a reflection of you. It behaves and acts as you think it should. Some people call this karma but I like to call it ‘you and I’. People who know they are dreaming while they are dreaming are called lucid dreamers. Some such dreamers are so awake that they know the entire world is an extension of their being, just as much as they are an expression of it. What an incredible feeling, to know that you are here, now, masquerading as a self and other, lost in the illusion of space and time, discovering yourself, challenging and changing every corner of the cosmos with your ever-growing array of ideas and technology.

I am a lucid dreamer and I have been awake in the dream for some time now. I love being awake, things feel exactly the same, except that they feel completely different too. I no longer feel that
the world is happening to me, it is simply happening. I am it and it is me. There is a world that I inhabit and yet somehow that world is in me. I feel alive and intrigued by the mystery of my own being. I want you to join me here in my dream. Just think how wonderful that would be, knowing that we are both lucid in our dream of life. How might we treat each other, knowing that we are both sharing this experience?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I hope you will join me in this waking dream. We could have an amazing adventure. It is free to join, but we do have a pretty strict dress code; that is, how you wear your mind. Some people wear it closed and tight while others prefer it to be far more open. To get into this dream club, you just have to be willing to let go of
everything you think you are and ready to accept that anything is possible. After all, dreams are limitless and so are you. That’s a big ask. I know because I too was scared when I first discovered the secret of the dream. I was so scared I wanted to pretend to myself that I didn’t actually know that I was dreaming, so I tried to forget about it. But there are some things that, once known, cannot be unknown. But I’m not talking about belief here; this is far bigger than belief. It is akin to knowing that you are here right now. It is not prey to the possible fallibility of belief. But don’t take my word for it; after all, that would constitute believing.

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Lucid Dream book cover 7

Return of the Mac

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Yes folks, my apologies for being away, I took a little time out to see what the world wanted to say to me. We need to do this sometimes or all we end up hearing is the echo of our own opinions…

I guess this is as good a time as ever to reflect on that, and say it did me the world of good, a kind of meditation from “me”. I just put everything I was so hung up on doing, down for a few months and said I would just see how the world felt. 

I discovered that I had been carrying a great deal of unnecessary mental baggage, so much so, I was even finding dreaming a burden, as my mind had so much processing to do. As for lucidity…I had pretty much dried up!

A 3 month diet from my own BS did the job incredibly and I was rewarded with the most sensational flying dream last night, where I was so lucidly aware, I was able to really analyse matters inside the dream. 

I am offering this, not so much as a celebration of my own success, but as an indicator to all of us that we should stop and really (and I mean really) take a little time out from ourselves sometimes, to let our minds recapitulate.

The good news is that I will finally be releasing a new book next year, which promises to show you all a new level of discussion of lucid dreaming and the nature of reality. I will be dissecting the quantum view and articulating it as a lucid dreamer, helping us to all build a new language frame to grow our mutual understanding of this terrific space. 

Finally, it’s the last Saturday of the month and I will be out and about looking for other dreamers for any of you who are going to be lucid enough to attempt to exchange a password. Is it even possible..? Let’s find out



Be Here Now

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Knowing when to act on your opponent is the essence of martial arts, strike too soon and you might over extend, too late and you may miss, one must find the perfect moment to be or not to be and that moment is only ever now.

The magic of being human is our ability to plan and prepare as well as to be able to remember and reminisce, something made capable by the X factor in our species, the mind, but contrary to our common view, it is not here that we find the illusive now, the mind simply acts to bookend this event and hence if we are to find true perfection in our performance, we must learn to look deeper.

Try this exercise for me – cast your mind back to a memory from some time ago…now try to anticipate some random future event in your life, take a moment to think about it….. OK, with this exercise complete, try the same with your body… Of course you can’t, your body is only ever in the now, it cannot be in the future or the past, it is only ever exactly here in the present moment.

Although we habituate the ever flowing present moment, for most of us, it is the past or the present that we attach to and this is because most of us live in our minds. What most of us do not know is that there is a deeper aspect to our selves, our true selves, the inner witness that does not judge or tie up events with the prejudice of our biased notions, we call it the higher self, the subconscious, even God. It is part of us and we are part of it, continuously drawn to its wisdom, we call this intuition and it is the flame that burns deep in our consciousness. 

Most of us are so drawn into our minds that we never truly feel the gravity of the inner self but to experience it is to know it. Between the self and the circumstance lies the mind or the ego but the self can see through the illusion, the now, it can see directly and it is this direct vision of the present moment that we seek to know through martial arts practice. 

Eons ago, the molecule gave rise to the monkey, the monkey to the man and the man to the mind but somewhere along that road, we as a species became consumed by the wonder of our own imagination and it would seem that many of us are simply lost in there, fueling a world of conjecture and speculation. Now nature beckons us to make that journey back to our origins and to do so, we must reconnect with the body, it is here we may approach the inner self.

The inner witness does not practice one style or another, he is neutral at every moment, reaching only for the tool that is required to fit the job at hand, nothing is done in excess and nothing is lacked. This was Bruce Lee’s vision when he spoke about Jeet Kune Do, a realization of the self that would transcend the ego of various systems or styles of martial art. 

I grew up in a world where karate was still karate and Kung Fu was (to my generation) a separate system. We were taught to believe that one should chose a system and know it sufficiently to handle any situation but this was sorely exposed to be a terrific falsehood in the year of our lord, 1993. This was the first ever licensed mixed martial arts event that the Western World was ever exposed to, it was called the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the result was shocking, a little Brazilian wrestler known as Royce Gracie dominated the event and went on to hold that title for some time afterwards. What was particularly curious about him was the way he fought or perhaps didn’t fight, at least not as we knew it, he pretty much didn’t punch or kick!

Here we had a humble man, tying up his opponents with their own limbs with what he called “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu”  we were witnessing the fully realized martial artist, he was not practicing any particular style, it was his style, it was his inner self that was performing, this was a direct expression of the self and hence the name (Gracie, his birth name). This was what Bruce Lee had envisioned when he shod his Kung Fu robes for his iconic yellow track suit, he was no longer practicing his traditional Wing Chun, he was simply Bruce.

The only way, we can grow as a spiritual being is to let go of the egoic mind and find the stillness of the inner self. All knowledge is available to us in here, there is no indecision, just pure acceptance. Race driver Ayrton Senna used to speak of being “above consciousness” when he drove, athletes call this “peak flow” . Bruce Lee described it as “feeling and not thinking”. It is the inner architect that we seek in this experience, the direct vision that only exists in the now, something that cannot be approached intellectually, it simply has to be experienced directly.

This place is in you, it is in all of us but it can seem so far as to not exist for so many of us but it watches over us and guides our every decision if we are simply mindful enough to listen. The deepest secret of martial arts is to surrender to each moment and let matters be exactly as they are, not to question as to question is to hesitate and it is hesitation that takes us outside the now. The primordial force of the Universe is energy, a constant flux that we are enmeshed in, our purpose is to find our current in this motif and to flow with it to our ultimate truth. All you ever need to know, you already know, you simply have to know this to be true…all is exactly how it supposed to be, it could be no other way, you simply have to accept this and learn to see from the deepest part of you, then you will be a fully realized self, you will be happy.

The Problem with Physics

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I’m just posting out a video below about the inevitable adjustment, we will need to make in our world view in order to accomodate higher dimensional reality, a door we are knocking on right at this moment in time (I’ll get back to the “T” word another time (no pun intended).
For now, I am not looking to offer any kind of suggestion or anything as preposterous as that, but merely to phrase my speculation, within the context of our current operating means. To put it in John Wheeler’s words….   “Somewhere, something extraordinary is waiting to happen”



Rise Up Dream Warriors…!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

It is time warriors….Rise up….!

About Time!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

This is post is about time…and space or perhaps spacetime, to be more precise. How fascinating it is, that the spell check on my PS refuses to accept the word “spacetime” as a valid entry! How telling, even. Despite, what Einstein proved with his geometric genius, that time must be woven into the fabric of the cosmos, with the same merit as space, it seems our common sense view that time is somehow mutually exclusive, still prevails. This really is something, that we need to address, as voyagers of our own Universe. Surely, to be able to navigate the system, we must learn to observe its mechanics with impartiality to our own bias?! This, it seems, is precisely what may be the very crux of our paradigm prison, our refusal to accept things that aren’t intuitively accessible, so where does this leave our relationship with something like extra terrestrial life forms? My view on this subject is, I believe, maturing, opening up to a more, perhaps, extravagant notion, that suggests they are already here..! In fact, right beside you, right now, in a manner of speaking. What is missing from the equation, is simply the technological detection device needed to observe them. Spacetime, is like a piece of paper, it can be curved and even folded, so distance, as we know it doesn’t have any real presidence (also not available in spell check) in this world, much contrary to our knowing. Perhaps this is precisely what is harboring our position, our knowledge, or perhaps our lack of… One might speculate that the brain only needs to know how to arrange the electrical architecture to accommodate a more elaborate view of the world, after all colour (UK spell check!) didn’t appear in our brains, we simply learned it and incorporated it, it was always “out there” in a manner of speaking and perhaps they are too, so next time you think you might see something rather radical in your view, don’t feel the need to disregard it, it might be a lesson towards higher wisdom Meanwhile, please enjoy this vid between OBE expert Graham Nicholls and I, talking about reality….


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

A friend of mine sent me this wonderful lucid dreaming video. It captures, what I believe, to be the essence of proper dream practice, the carrying of the experience across all states of consciousness.

In this regard, I might revise the term lucid dreaming to what I now refer to as “dream yoga”, the distinguishment being that dream yoga, as I see it, considers all states to be a dream and does not imply any dualism. The only thing that changes is our perspective as we shift from state to state and hence, we should not feel the need to see the night time dream as anything less than part of our very existence.

Enjoy the vid….

Magic Mushrooms!!!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

You lucky things…! Look at what I found….Terence McKenna talking about how it may have been mushrooms that offered us the trigger to emerge from the back ground of animal nature, without the hand of God or alien impregnation.

Higher states of consciousness may have first been encountered due to the consumption of these beauties, could this plant have been the portal to enlightenment of early man? For my ten cents, we are taking this subject up again, in modern discussion and this time, I hope we do not abandon it. The implications of something like this being introduced into orthodox evolutionary theory paves the way for us to encourage us to consider lucid dreaming and other altered states as something to be endorsed as an ever expanding part of our reality…I will let Terence do the talking…

Radio Show

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Hi guys here is the link to the radio show I did with Lucian Pharoe, of Indigo Children Radio on lucid dreaming, life and law of attraction…

We covered a lot of interesting ground there and I really think it captures the essence of what I am trying to say :) Hope it finds you all well