LUCIDITY TIP: Always set a task to complete in the Dream as this taxes the mind in its direction to become lucid....

Lesson 15 – Take Flight

By now we’ve taken a good practical look at lucid dreaming we should also have at least 2 weeks of dream journaling done. Now it’s time to put this into practice.

I have outlined a table below, which illustrates how best to use the methods practically. This is just a guide but try to take the process on board as you would any serious activity and you can expect as serious an outcome in your dreaming skills.

Weeks 1 -2



Practice during day or last thing at night

Reality Checking

Reflection Intention

Mostly familiarising oneself with what lucid dreaming is all about and working on dream recall is all that is needed here.

There is no rush with this or any section, move on when you’re ready.

Weeks 2-4



Practice last thing at night, less during the day



This section is about getting used to using proper induction techniques so it is important to get off on the right foot.

Be enthusiastic, intend to have that experience, want it.

It is all too easy to become unmotivated at bed time but don’t give in to this temptation.

Enjoy your adventure!

Weeks 4-6



Practice at night only

Can WBTB after 3 regular night’s sleep



You may have hit a lucid dream by now, so we are looking to start working on some basic control skill at this stage if you have.

If not yet lucid, this is what you are waiting for, this is where most people will have their first experience so persist and you will achieve, have fun!

Reality Check


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