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New Vid

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Hi guys, here is a new vid I have done on meditation, I will let it do the talking…

Also, I would like to shout out to Ryan Hurd, who is launching his new web site and book today. Ryan, as most of you will know is a real expert in the department of dreaming and one of the big voices in the lucid dream world. His new book “Dream Like a Boss 2” is a follow up to his “Dream Like a Boss”. Both of the books take you into the world of dreaming in an immensely holistic manner, showing you how to improve your sleep and dream world, which in turn, enriches your waking life. Here is the link

Ryan can be heard chatting to me along with some other great guests on the Lucid Lab podcast. Here is the link for that

OK, see you all next month where I will be doing a new vid on head stands..!

What is Meditation?

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Meditation means different things to many different people, so I guess all I can offer here is my definition of what it means to me. We live in  a world that is constantly bombarded by stimulation and these stimuli, in turn cause us to behave in the way that we do. For the most part, that means that we are, in many ways, a product of our process. That is to say that we are all prone to acting out according to what we perceive to be our prevailing circumstances, without giving much thought to how our actions might actually affect other people.

Sounds familiar? Well I guess it should, as that’s what it means to be human, to be capable of intellectually introspecting our own behaviour, in the hope that we may eventually come to improve it, if we desire it to be so. In truth, we would all like to be a little kinder, a little more patient and calm with other people, but we have to begin this process by first being nicer to our selves.

This is what meditation encourages, a means for us to give our selves a break from our own minds. The mind, you see, is drive by the constant input we receive from the world. These perceptions build up a kind of pressure in our thinking and when the mind is full of thought, it acts in a very volatile manner. Meditation is how we come to create more space in the mind by learning to separate our thoughts from our awareness…

Ok, this may sound a little strange at first, but it is both possible and incredible to experience. In essence what carries all thought is awareness but the awareness is not the thought itself. We may fee that to be aware is to think and vice versa but this is not so take, for example, the shoes on your feet, you can be aware of their presence without having to ever think about them. So too, it is with any other sensory input, we can learn to experience, without the need to entangle it in thought.

In mediation, by paying attention to the breath, we are directing our focus away from the mind, by investing it elsewhere, as in the body. In this regard, we are actually withdrawing our energy from our minds and allowing the pent up thinking to untangle itself, giving us a sense of expansiveness in our minds. This means that when we receive a stimulus now, there is more room for it to be assimilated before responding.

What discover is that the place behind the thoughts, the awareness, where all reality springs from, is infinite in essence and that when we learn to step back from the thoughts for a while, we start to become more connected to this source. We free up our busy minds to create more space to consider our responses to other people and situations. In this regard, we become more empathetic both to other and ourselves, for in truth, as we discover, reality is not some kind of substance, as we have been lead to believe, but in fact an idea, one which has one leg in the outward expression of you and me and the other in the infinite awareness that penetrates all things…

Tweet out in your dreams (Dream Share this Sat night)

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

News out this week from another Kickstarter campaign about lucid dreaming devices, so what’s the story and how does it shape up?

Well, I don’t have the product as it’s still in development so we have to go with what we can see and I can say that what they are showing looks like a step in the right direction for me.
As most of you will know, I’m very much pro-tech as so far as I am concerned, all nature is technology so when someone talks about short cuts and what not, I’m already just tuned out. Nature is short cuts and from what we can see, it is a series of progressive short cuts, that’s why we take planes and not camels to cross countries today.
Ok, rant over, what do I like and what don’t I like  about the product?
On the plus side, they have progressed the classic model of of light cues to a more sophisticated algorithm, which, from what they tell us, will help to trigger lucid dreams with a higher frequency.
Am I buying this? Can’t say for sure but I do like light inducing tech as I do find it reasonably effective. Needless to say one does need some skill and practice of their own (the more the better), so the light tech is and aid and not a substitute.
The REM detector looks pretty smart too and I feel they might be offering a little more of an edge here as well, so that’s a thumbs up.
The wrist band and phone diary seem a little gimmicky for me but I expect that many people will like the multi-pronged approach here. 
On the down side, the mask does seem a little clunky but I guess the question is this offset by the extra tech features? 
Best feature, without a doubt, is the blue tooth connect to your Twitter/Facebook update. The first person to update their status from an LD is bound to make some headlines so let’s wait and see how that plays out but it is exciting to see us building even more intrinsic ways of connecting with each other! 

 Don’t forget that we are attempting our dream share on this coming Sat night!!!



Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Dream share attempt this Sat night, hope to see some of you and who knows, we might even connect…Meanwhile, here is my new vid – Infinity 

The Experiment Promo Vid

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Hi guys, I have just put a new promo vid together for the experiment, to help raise awareness around the globe. Please check it out and share out on your usual channels :)

Keep exploring..!

The Two Minute Trip…

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This is the first of a new video series, I am producing, called “The Two Minute Trip”   I hope you enjoy…

Could This Life Really Be Dream..?

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

What do we mean when we say that “we are dreaming” , is it really so different to what you are experiencing now?

I put some words together to share with you all on this subject, I hope you like and share. See you this weekend for the dream share experiment…

Do Animals Have Lucid Dreams..?

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

What a question…this one was raised to the panel at the wonderful Gateways of The Mind conference in London this year by a rather curious member of the audience and I for one was perplexed by its far reaching philosophical concerns.

Well, as it happens I did have the privilege of taking up the question for further discussion with one of the panelists and presenter of Gateways, lucid dream teacher and author Charlie Morley. If you haven’t already checked him out, he works with the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Dream Yoga and his debut book “Dreams of Awakening” is out to buy now. Here is the video and I hope you enjoy, as ever your comments are appreciated.

Stillness and Movement

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

People talk about the laws of nature as they are fact but, in truth, there is nothing fixed about nature because there are no laws only perceptions of a single principle.

Nature is versed in the interplay of opposites becoming equal and opposite again. Take a circle, left and right move opposite from any point on the circle but eventually find themselves becoming a mutual point once more. This is the notion of YinYang, not as it is often described “Yin and Yang” as this implies two separate events. 

You see the separation between opposites is illusory. Take left and right  – outwardly speaking they are mutually exlusive but inwardly speaking, one implies the other because you can’t have left without right and vice versa, so neither can come into being without the presence of the other, they are mutually interdependent like all aspects of matter. 

What we observe in nature, therefore is transient, constantly changing form but what underlies this eternal movement is pure stillness…This is the wisdom of martial arts. When studied correctly, it yields a journey into the primary principle of existence – energy or the interplay of opposites. Please watch and share out this video I have crafted to share this simple but powerful truth, thank you  


Non Duality with Robert Waggoner

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

As ever, I will let the video do the talking here, but please allow me a moment to introduce to you the wonderfully insightful author Robert Waggoner. It has been a few short years since I first picked up his wonderful book “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway To The Inner Self” and I still regard it as the single most intriguing inquiry into the dream world I have ever encountered. I expect most of you have read the book but if you haven’t I can only offer my envy as you get to experience the story for the first time – enjoy and here is a discussion recorded at my studio one recent late evening with Robert…