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The Dream Warrior

MagicDr Rory Mac Sweeney is an explorer of the Dream World. After over 20 years of martial arts training and achieving 2 European gold medals, he has fashioned his understanding of the ever elusive mind-body problem into a deep understanding, one which he believes must be experienced to be understood.

A true multidisciplinarian, Rory, verses his knowledge in a variety of  considerations including psychology, neuroscience, quantum mechanics and even magic, in his ever active quest to quantify the nebulous, that is consciousness.

Rory has been consciously journeying into the Dream World for several years and he now composes his dream awareness through his dream ego, which he refers to as “The Dream Warrior”. Like Neo in The Matrix, his hair is different, his clothes change and just for the hell of it he even wears shades! The Dream Warrior can fly, walk through walls, time travel ….one might say his powers are simply limitless within the boundaries of the Dream!

Rory now writes a column for Martial Arts Illustrated called “The Mental Edge” where he explores concepts of awareness and how we compose our reality through the human interpretation of matter or as the Dream Warrior likes to call it “The Grand Illusion”

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