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New Book

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming – A Metaphysical Theory of Mind is out folks. I try to keep post outs to a minimum so as not to fill your inboxes with junk so I will be brief – It’s my own personal take on altered states of consciousness. The pivot of concern in the book is lucid dreaming but I extend the theory into a more holistic vision of the nature of mind. The book is available on Amazon or direct from me if you inbox me. Please feel free to review on Amazon as this helps t spread the idea.Lucid Dream book cover 7

The podcast is undergoing some reconstruction so please be patient there for those of you who tune in but I will be some some live talks in London, beginning with the book launch which you can find on

Otherwise may I just thank you for taking the time to check out my work. Please share – R

Tweet out in your dreams (Dream Share this Sat night)

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

News out this week from another Kickstarter campaign about lucid dreaming devices, so what’s the story and how does it shape up?

Well, I don’t have the product as it’s still in development so we have to go with what we can see and I can say that what they are showing looks like a step in the right direction for me.
As most of you will know, I’m very much pro-tech as so far as I am concerned, all nature is technology so when someone talks about short cuts and what not, I’m already just tuned out. Nature is short cuts and from what we can see, it is a series of progressive short cuts, that’s why we take planes and not camels to cross countries today.
Ok, rant over, what do I like and what don’t I like  about the product?
On the plus side, they have progressed the classic model of of light cues to a more sophisticated algorithm, which, from what they tell us, will help to trigger lucid dreams with a higher frequency.
Am I buying this? Can’t say for sure but I do like light inducing tech as I do find it reasonably effective. Needless to say one does need some skill and practice of their own (the more the better), so the light tech is and aid and not a substitute.
The REM detector looks pretty smart too and I feel they might be offering a little more of an edge here as well, so that’s a thumbs up.
The wrist band and phone diary seem a little gimmicky for me but I expect that many people will like the multi-pronged approach here. 
On the down side, the mask does seem a little clunky but I guess the question is this offset by the extra tech features? 
Best feature, without a doubt, is the blue tooth connect to your Twitter/Facebook update. The first person to update their status from an LD is bound to make some headlines so let’s wait and see how that plays out but it is exciting to see us building even more intrinsic ways of connecting with each other! 

 Don’t forget that we are attempting our dream share on this coming Sat night!!!


Gateways of The Mind Ireland

Friday, April 25th, 2014

OK tomorrow night is the last Saturday of the month which means…set your passwords and let’s see what we can discover about mutual dreaming..!

I would also like to briefly tell you about my appearance at the Gateways Of The Mind conference in June (7-8). What an incredible line up the guys have again, with some familiar faces from the consciousness scene. I have the pleasure of being involved with the Gateways gang since the beginning of their wonderful journey of sharing and I have the privilege of sharing my new video collection with them on stage in my home country, so I am overjoyed.

I will be looking to meet and greet and make contact with anyone interested in collaborating and creating, so if you can make it there, please stop by and say hi, I am always ready and willing to chat.

OK folks, here is the link and I hope to see you all soon, here there, maybe everywhere …

Do Animals Have Lucid Dreams..?

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

What a question…this one was raised to the panel at the wonderful Gateways of The Mind conference in London this year by a rather curious member of the audience and I for one was perplexed by its far reaching philosophical concerns.

Well, as it happens I did have the privilege of taking up the question for further discussion with one of the panelists and presenter of Gateways, lucid dream teacher and author Charlie Morley. If you haven’t already checked him out, he works with the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Dream Yoga and his debut book “Dreams of Awakening” is out to buy now. Here is the video and I hope you enjoy, as ever your comments are appreciated.


Friday, November 8th, 2013

 Check out our brand new experiment here!!


Ever since I first encountered lucid dreaming, the possibility of becoming self-aware in dreams there has been one question that has stood out from all the rest in my mind and that is “Who dreams the dream?”

In other words who is this self that becomes aware..?

Well the only way we could perhaps approach this answer is by looking at the other, because self and other are like left and right – they go together. Like black and white or up and down you can’t have one without the other, they are mutually interdependent 

So in order to determine the nature of myself, I decided to question the other. Specifically, upon realizing that I was dreaming I would approach the other beings in the dream and ask them “Do you realize that this is a dream?”
Now that’s a very curious thing to ask someone 
I mean if I asked you that same question right now, you’d probably think I was crazy. You might think that you are crazy :)

But let’s take a moment to consider this 
You see although outwardly, left and right are opposites, inwardly one implies the other, because you can’t have left without right or black without white, the two come into being at the same time. You couldn’t have left come on to the stage of the Universe without right, it just wouldn’t make sense and neither could you have self coming into being without the presence of another.

So inwardly we are entangled in some kind of bizarre mutual dance and it is this dance that I refer to when I say we are dreaming
When I say that this is a dream, what I mean is that we are one consciousness masquerading as the experience of many in order to have a sense of the other 

So, to answer the question I first posed “Who dreams the dream?” It is the dream that dreams the dream itself and you are that dream, you have just chosen to forget it in order to have the experience of the other
But you can’t forget forever because forgetting and remembering go together, they are mutually interdependent and so soon you will have to remember again until you forget it all over and play the game of hide and seek again :) 

So for now, at least, it is time to remember and this is precisely the purpose of my experiment The Mutual Dream Experiment, to allow you to investigate the nature of the other in order to understand the mystery of the self..?


Book Your ticket To the Ultimate Destination – The Gateways of your Mind

Friday, October 26th, 2012

For those of you who take this subject seriously….            View Gateways_logo_datessml.jpg in slide show


Reward yourself this November and book yourself in for 2 full days of lucid consciousness exploration led by some of the worlds finest lucid dreamers and astral travelers.


Gateways of the Mind Conference

The Royal Geographical Society, London, 3-4 November

An exploration of Lucid Dreaming & Out-Of-Body Experiences.

Cultural Practices In Perspective.

At this event you will be able to:

–              Find out exactly what Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences actually are from the experts.

–              Discover the differences in the realities encountered in states and how they relate to other similar phenomena such as astral projection

–              Uncover why ancient cultures have been using their own techniques for millennia and what the significance of these are for NOW and in relation to the modern view of non-physical consciousness exploration

–              Learn those techniques of both the elders and the current mavericks and induce your own lucid dream or OBE experience

–              Be amazed at what can be achieved in these realities and what the real and tangible benefits are to you in our daily and waking life

–              Meet fellow consciousness explorers and join a growing global community that’s waking up to the possibilities of being asleep!

Your journey awaits. Dont delay!


Book your ticket now –


Keynote speakers:

  • Robert Waggoner
  • Charlie Morley
  • Dr Michael Katz
  • Graham Nicholls
  • Sergio Magaña

Guest speakers:

  • Mary Ziemer
  • The Monroe Institute
  • Rory MacSweeney


Why You Should Be At Gateways, According to The Experts!

–              “To me, this seems a once-in-a-lifetime event! To collect together some deep explorers and thinkers in the realm of lucid dreaming and OBE’s with an audience of deep explorers and thinkers seems a global happening.” Robert Waggoner

–              – “It’s going to be amazing! This is the first time ever that lucid dreaming and OBE exploration has had such a high profile platform in the UK. I believe that lucid dreaming will be a household term within the next 2 years. We are reaching a tipping  point and the Gateways of The Mind conference is going to help make this tipping point happen.” Charlie Morley

–              “Gateways feels like an event for people interested in cultural exchange and learning something that can have real value to the world. And simply because Gateways is like nothing else happening right now.” Graham Nicholls

–              “We are entering a new period, The Sun Of Darkness. For us darkness means what is hidden, including the dreams, so now it is time to share the knowledge about the dreaming because people will be looking for new order of consciousness” Sergio Magana

–              “Gateways of the mind conference will provide the opportunity for many people who otherwise would not hear of dream yoga to understand its importance and benefits.” Dr Michael Katz



Live Radio Show

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Hi guys, I am doing a live radio talk on Monday the 19th at 7.00 am GMT – the show is taking place in the USA, hence the time, but anyone can tune or Skype in to chat, so please fell free to do so Needless to say, the show will be focusing on lucid dreaming, consciousness and the nature of reality….