What is Enlightenment Really?

11B9E577-8566-4A49-B525-67F0ABF170B4An ape stares out into the cosmos. A question wells up in consciousness – Who am I? 

Millions of years later and this same question remains and it is this very question that lies at the heart of our nature for we are that very aspect of the cosmos that is able to reflect on our very own state of being – we are the introspective atoms that make up the answer if only we can see it.

The following extract from my own book – The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming is a snap shot of how the world appears when we answer this question of our true nature. Enlightenment simply means being awake to the interdependence of everything that makes up our reality. In the same way that a dreamer implies the dream much as the dream implies the dreamer, so too do we imply each other. Knowing this deeply in our hearts opens us up to compassion and altruism, as we no longer see each other as separate beings but part of an interconnected whole. I hope you enjoy this little share and see that enlightenment is not some far off exotic state of being that only the few ever reach. It’s simple really, just see it for yourself…


  1) Wake Up, You Are Dreaming

 I have some wonderful news for you, something so incredible that I just had to share it. Are you ready? Wait a moment. Are you certain you want to hear it? OK, here goes then … Right now, at this very moment, though it may seem impossible, you are, in fact, dreaming.                                                                                                                                            

Yes, I know how delightful this is. In the realm of dreams, you are a limitless being with infinite possibilities, what could be more exciting? The world is a playground, you can indulge in endless fantasies and they all feel completely real. In fact, they feel so real that you sometimes forget you are dreaming, which makes them even more exciting.

Dreams can be sad too though, even difficult occasionally, but the pain gives meaning to the pleasure. Everything has its opposite – day has night, dark has light, left has right and you have me. Yes, the other half of you is my own self. Together we are one and that one is the dream of life.
There is a catch, however. It is easy to enjoy the dream so much that you actually get lost and believe that it is too real to be a dream. But how could something be ‘too real’ to be a dream? Aren’t dreams real too? This is a very curious question indeed: how can we ever know what is real? Perhaps it isn’t possible, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Learning how the world works is what makes life interesting as it allows us to interact with what we see around us in all sorts of wondrous ways.

Being ‘awake’ in the dream doesn’t necessarily change the dream, it changes you and your perception of the dream, but because you are the dream, pretty soon the dream starts to change too. You begin to see the world as it truly is: a reflection of you. It behaves and acts as you think it should. Some people call this karma but I like to call it ‘you and I’. People who know they are dreaming while they are dreaming are called lucid dreamers. Some such dreamers are so awake that they know the entire world is an extension of their being, just as much as they are an expression of it. What an incredible feeling, to know that you are here, now, masquerading as a self and other, lost in the illusion of space and time, discovering yourself, challenging and changing every corner of the cosmos with your ever-growing array of ideas and technology.

I am a lucid dreamer and I have been awake in the dream for some time now. I love being awake, things feel exactly the same, except that they feel completely different too. I no longer feel that
the world is happening to me, it is simply happening. I am it and it is me. There is a world that I inhabit and yet somehow that world is in me. I feel alive and intrigued by the mystery of my own being. I want you to join me here in my dream. Just think how wonderful that would be, knowing that we are both lucid in our dream of life. How might we treat each other, knowing that we are both sharing this experience?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I hope you will join me in this waking dream. We could have an amazing adventure. It is free to join, but we do have a pretty strict dress code; that is, how you wear your mind. Some people wear it closed and tight while others prefer it to be far more open. To get into this dream club, you just have to be willing to let go of
everything you think you are and ready to accept that anything is possible. After all, dreams are limitless and so are you. That’s a big ask. I know because I too was scared when I first discovered the secret of the dream. I was so scared I wanted to pretend to myself that I didn’t actually know that I was dreaming, so I tried to forget about it. But there are some things that, once known, cannot be unknown. But I’m not talking about belief here; this is far bigger than belief. It is akin to knowing that you are here right now. It is not prey to the possible fallibility of belief. But don’t take my word for it; after all, that would constitute believing.

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