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Tweet out in your dreams (Dream Share this Sat night)

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

News out this week from another Kickstarter campaign about lucid dreaming devices, so what’s the story and how does it shape up?

Well, I don’t have the product as it’s still in development so we have to go with what we can see and I can say that what they are showing looks like a step in the right direction for me.
As most of you will know, I’m very much pro-tech as so far as I am concerned, all nature is technology so when someone talks about short cuts and what not, I’m already just tuned out. Nature is short cuts and from what we can see, it is a series of progressive short cuts, that’s why we take planes and not camels to cross countries today.
Ok, rant over, what do I like and what don’t I like  about the product?
On the plus side, they have progressed the classic model of of light cues to a more sophisticated algorithm, which, from what they tell us, will help to trigger lucid dreams with a higher frequency.
Am I buying this? Can’t say for sure but I do like light inducing tech as I do find it reasonably effective. Needless to say one does need some skill and practice of their own (the more the better), so the light tech is and aid and not a substitute.
The REM detector looks pretty smart too and I feel they might be offering a little more of an edge here as well, so that’s a thumbs up.
The wrist band and phone diary seem a little gimmicky for me but I expect that many people will like the multi-pronged approach here. 
On the down side, the mask does seem a little clunky but I guess the question is this offset by the extra tech features? 
Best feature, without a doubt, is the blue tooth connect to your Twitter/Facebook update. The first person to update their status from an LD is bound to make some headlines so let’s wait and see how that plays out but it is exciting to see us building even more intrinsic ways of connecting with each other! 

 Don’t forget that we are attempting our dream share on this coming Sat night!!!


Gateways of The Mind Ireland

Friday, April 25th, 2014

OK tomorrow night is the last Saturday of the month which means…set your passwords and let’s see what we can discover about mutual dreaming..!

I would also like to briefly tell you about my appearance at the Gateways Of The Mind conference in June (7-8). What an incredible line up the guys have again, with some familiar faces from the consciousness scene. I have the pleasure of being involved with the Gateways gang since the beginning of their wonderful journey of sharing and I have the privilege of sharing my new video collection with them on stage in my home country, so I am overjoyed.

I will be looking to meet and greet and make contact with anyone interested in collaborating and creating, so if you can make it there, please stop by and say hi, I am always ready and willing to chat.

OK folks, here is the link and I hope to see you all soon, here there, maybe everywhere …

The Experiment Promo Vid

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Hi guys, I have just put a new promo vid together for the experiment, to help raise awareness around the globe. Please check it out and share out on your usual channels :)

Keep exploring..!

The Two Minute Trip…

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This is the first of a new video series, I am producing, called “The Two Minute Trip”   I hope you enjoy…

Non Duality with Robert Waggoner

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

As ever, I will let the video do the talking here, but please allow me a moment to introduce to you the wonderfully insightful author Robert Waggoner. It has been a few short years since I first picked up his wonderful book “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway To The Inner Self” and I still regard it as the single most intriguing inquiry into the dream world I have ever encountered. I expect most of you have read the book but if you haven’t I can only offer my envy as you get to experience the story for the first time – enjoy and here is a discussion recorded at my studio one recent late evening with Robert…


Friday, November 8th, 2013

 Check out our brand new experiment here!!


Ever since I first encountered lucid dreaming, the possibility of becoming self-aware in dreams there has been one question that has stood out from all the rest in my mind and that is “Who dreams the dream?”

In other words who is this self that becomes aware..?

Well the only way we could perhaps approach this answer is by looking at the other, because self and other are like left and right – they go together. Like black and white or up and down you can’t have one without the other, they are mutually interdependent 

So in order to determine the nature of myself, I decided to question the other. Specifically, upon realizing that I was dreaming I would approach the other beings in the dream and ask them “Do you realize that this is a dream?”
Now that’s a very curious thing to ask someone 
I mean if I asked you that same question right now, you’d probably think I was crazy. You might think that you are crazy :)

But let’s take a moment to consider this 
You see although outwardly, left and right are opposites, inwardly one implies the other, because you can’t have left without right or black without white, the two come into being at the same time. You couldn’t have left come on to the stage of the Universe without right, it just wouldn’t make sense and neither could you have self coming into being without the presence of another.

So inwardly we are entangled in some kind of bizarre mutual dance and it is this dance that I refer to when I say we are dreaming
When I say that this is a dream, what I mean is that we are one consciousness masquerading as the experience of many in order to have a sense of the other 

So, to answer the question I first posed “Who dreams the dream?” It is the dream that dreams the dream itself and you are that dream, you have just chosen to forget it in order to have the experience of the other
But you can’t forget forever because forgetting and remembering go together, they are mutually interdependent and so soon you will have to remember again until you forget it all over and play the game of hide and seek again :) 

So for now, at least, it is time to remember and this is precisely the purpose of my experiment The Mutual Dream Experiment, to allow you to investigate the nature of the other in order to understand the mystery of the self..?


New Vid

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Here is a great chat I just had with author of Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming, Nick Barrett. We really dug up some interesting avenues of discussion bout the nature of reality here, so I hope you like.
Comments and shares would be greatly appreciated..!

A Simple Lesson…

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

artistic-ringThere is great wisdom in simplicity…sometimes the answer is written in the very fabric of our form, if we can just venture ourselves to look inside…

Try this little experiment – Breathe in… Now breathe out… Just follow this cycle passively and as you do so, ask yourself “Am I the in-breath or am I the out-breath?”

The fact is that neither can exist without the presence of the other. Left only comes to exist through right, hot only by virtue of cold, light emerges from darkness and so forth, polarity is a fundamental truth of our world, so what should we regard as real?

No state in the Universe is constant, the in-breath becomes the out-breath, night becomes day, hot becomes cold, the only thing that can prevail is change…

In meditation we learn to focus our attention on the the gentle flowing of the breath and in doing so, we learn to become the change. Where change prevails, there is no place for the mind to attach and label, here we can start to dissolve the dualism in our consciousness…

The deeper truth we are being exposed to here is not always apparent at first, what in fact we are contemplating, in truth, is the essential nature of paradox. Between future and past, between waking and slepping lies the infinite now, the eternal dream, where time and space conduct themsleves in a controled chaos, this is the true essence of our being.

The quest we must follow, however, leads us not just to recognise this place, but ultimately to accept and fully embrace this constant state of flux. Only then can we come to live as, and not just inside of the Universe, but the cost is not cheap, we must come to embrace death, for otherwise, life would simply cease to exist.

So the next time you feel pain, know that it is why one has pleasure, loss preceeds gain and terror will some day give way to awe, this is the Dao, or to put it in the words of the briliant Mr Miyagi “Wax on…Wax off…Breathe in…Breate out”

Enter The Mouth of Madness

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

I have been struggling with an idea for some time, what is this war at the heart of nature between order and chaos, is it something inherent in the process of the Universe, a necessary cause for creation, a catalyst or side effect?

I don’t want to enter into a dissection of the laws of thermodynamics, not the least because the subject largely alludes my own understanding, but I do want to point out to a certain feature, specifically, the second law, which states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium —the state of maximum entropy (yes straight of Wikipedia, that one), but what exactly, or at least what roughly does that mean (let’s not get too daring in our demands)?

In essence, what it means is that systems decay, they naturally tend to a state of disorder and if left to do so, the Universe itself would simply, gradually fall apart at the seams, being reduced to nothing more than stardust, given a sufficient period of time. In fact, this second law is thought to be what gives time an arrow or direction, but we won’t get into that right now.

This incidental passage from order into chaos, as it is often prescribed by hardened materialists, seems to seal the fate of our world and yet, contrary to what one might have anticipated, recent findings at the periphery of our expanding Universe, found the rate of expansion to be accelerating and not, as was expected, slowing down…!?

This really has got scientists in quite a stir as it simply doesn’t fit their model, and what does one do when their model comes unstuck? We surely change it..? Now there, however,  is a concept that fundamentalists are slow to embrace and make no bones about it, the scientific avenue of inquiry is riddled with rigor.

I recently had a discussion with a colleague of mine, we are both medically qualified, my area being the oral cavity, his being the brain. As a psychiatrist, I gave him the benefit of the doubt as to having an informed view of the mind but I was quite shocked when I brought to his attention the work of another neuro-biologist, Dr J Allen Hobson, a Harvard professor, a researcher of altered states of consciousness, a pioneer of consciousness studies and the one half of the pair of minds that offered us the activation synthesis theory of dreaming. Whatever your opinion of the implications of this theory, the chemistry and physiology is flawless, how we interpret that, I will leave to debate, but the brain activity and function, during dreaming is brilliantly illustrated by the system.

Hobson is not one for controversy parse, in fact he is quite a conservative soul, I know as I have spoken to him at length. The topic we discussed, among others, was his diagnosis of dreaming as a form of acute psychosis. He uses a medical device, known as a mental status exam (MSE) to illustrate our nightly descent into disorientation and disorder of the self, a meeting with other persons in places, neither of which have any bearing in the so called physical world, we have effectively entered the the time and space of the schizophrenic.

Hobson goes on to illuminate us on how a model of the dreaming brain may be the road to understanding the schizophrenic essay, he outlines how it might be the dreaming brain leaking into the waking state that causes the alleged dysfunction to occur. Although I agree on the physiology, I might dispute the word dysfunction but that is another conversation.

I am an advocate of Hobson’s view and as an amateur dream researcher (it will become momentarily apparent why I do not chain myself to the constraints of academia), although the prescription of psychosis as a pathology, I would have to ask to be revised. Yes, the process can erupt into problematic situations, but as I said to my psychiatric colleague, surely this is as much of a product of how society treats the condition as much as the underlying biology. In the Bible, we had people visited by angels and demons alike, to say you are the son of God might land you a sentence in the loony bin in an increasingly cynical society.

Who decides who is mad? It is simply a matter of cultural perspective. In aboriginal societies, the shaman, the healer of souls is usually selected out of the community at a young age if he exhibits a certain kind of behavior…you guessed it, the hall marks of schizophrenia. I went on to explain this to my colleague and although, he could not argue to the contrary, he was certain that dreams had nothing to do with schizophrenia, that somehow chaos was an offspring of order and that we should continue to numb people up with drugs, if they did not meet the criteria of of our culture.

I was disappointed to see how attached a scientist of the mind could be to his view, especially in the evidence of something to the contrary. I say evidence but I did nit sit him down with a plethora of academic research, I felt a little anecdotal insight form the world’s leading researcher and a dose of investigative intuition would be sufficient but I was left wanting…

Change is precisely what underlies chaos, we need to let go of what we think we know in order to encounter what we don’t, let go of your assumptions, feel the chaos erupt, to feel it is to know it, the truth is that there is no fine line between madness and genius, they are on in the same…










The Red Pill

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

So, I spent the weekend doing a little energy work with some friends in preparation for an out of body experience attempt.

Currently, I lean towards a more Chi Kung based  approach to induce lucidity, something I can say for certain will be the path most people will start to use in the future. From what I hear, Bob Bruce is making some noise about the same approach and any of you who have attended any courses or talks with the IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) will be familiar with their bio-energy approach, something I highly recommend.

As well as my more raw approach to lucid dreaming, I am also a firm advocate of technology. My view is if it helps improve your understanding of things without too much cost, then it is simply a case of textbook maths, use it. In this case, I was employing my own mix of dream herbs, some of which happen to come in capsule form… therein lies the controversy…a pill…?

Let’s make something clear, there is no such thing as drugs, there are only words and the cultural model you apply to them. Take for example, the native plants of the Amazon Forest used by the indigenous peoples to cure and heal, they are commonly referred to as the medicine, as they should be!

The very same plants, pscilocybin mushrooms and DMT containing vines are regarded by the Western governments as  Class A drugs, which by definition are not even allowed to be studied without having special licence, the likes of which can be a real headache to get.

Let me break that down for you, the very thing that heals your soul is being banned by your oppressive paternal system to keep you ignorant and hungry for the stale milk from its breast! Maybe it’s high time you saw through the illusion of language and considered these matters with a little more objective insight…

As it happens, on the weekend, we were not employing any Class A substances but the very appearance of a pill or two certainly caused a social speed wobble or two. If you haven’t taken the Red Pill approach, I suggest you do, I have been working on a new formula recently and it looks like we have something very powerful on our hands, the only thing we need is to lift the taboo on this terrifically effective approach and then surely there will be more of us to share the awake of the dream…stay alert