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Mutual Dream Experiment

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The Mutual Dream Experiment

Can we connect with other people in dreams..?

The Internet is no more than 40 years old but look at how much it has changed our world, so imagine what it could mean if we could build connections in the dream world?

In this audacious experiment, lucid dream pioneer, Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney invites you to try, using our integrated online password system, to make contact with other dreamers, during our monthly global dream share attempt. This is your chance to be part of something truly ground breaking. All it takes is a little more effort in your sleep for just one night a month and you could be the first to make contact. So jump on in and let’s see where this journey can take us… The world is waiting…

Step One – Register your own secret password online (Do not write this down anywhere or tell anyone else)

Step Two – Join in the last Saturday of every month for the 24 hr global dream share and attempt to exchange password with another dreamer – you don’t even have to become lucid, just set your intention!

Step Three – If you receive a password, please use the anonymous mail exchange to verify any potential contact you might have had (Do not reveal your identity until all necessary information has been exchanged)

Step Four – Share your experiences on our forum and any other sites that might encourage the experiment to grow worldwide..!



Click here to start taking part in our dream experiments!

Lucid Dream Expert Robert Waggoner and I discuss the potential of the project in a video here…

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