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Lesson 24 – Multiple Hit Combos

So we have a great deal of supplements to consider here and no doubt we would best be advised to have some sort of strategy to use them.

The first thing we need to do is to ready the dream diary. This is an essential tool for supplement induced LDing as we will need to be able to record our experience with each supplement and each combination. We will need to record how it effected the

1) Transition

2) Dream Experience

3) Side Effects (if any)

Firstly I would almost always take 5 HTP at bedtime if I am going to do any kind of induction (even if not using a WBTB modulator). It has a low incidence of side effects and has no cumulative effect on the body as well as having a positive effect on mood so I am pretty fond of it.

One has to ask however how the overall effect of blocking and rebounding REM can affect a night’s sleep. The good news is that it basically adds up to a good night sleep.

The body still gets its 4 hrs of deep plus its 4hrs of lighter mixed REM activity so it still constitutes a good rest. I find using the block and rebound more often than not leaves me feeling pretty good. I will therefore on conclusion assume the 5 HTP method is being employed.

The first task here is achieving consistent transitions and for this we will need a Jump Start Modulator – this is going to be Galantamine/choline 4mg/400mg or 8mg/800mg.

We are going to use this to trigger lucidity whenever we want to use the modulator combination as the primary modulator for becoming lucid and we can build our other modulators on to this. I would recommend starting with the lower (half) dose to start before trying the higher dose which can be pretty intense to start with.

The next addition I might employ is GPC 600-1200mg. This guy picks up where the primary jump start slows down and can provide a longer experience. Furthermore, as previously described, transitions with higher doses here can be very intense so start on the lower 600mg and work your way up.

Next modulators are the dopamine modulators. I will use these either as a single or combined combo at WBTB time along with the Galantamine/choline jump modulator. Specifically I take Mucuna Pruriens 100-200mg with GC jump or 45-90mg EGCG with the GC jump. For a mixed combo, I use Mucuna 100mg plus 45mg EGCG with the GC jump. My personal experience would lead me to use the combination or green tea GC combo as I have personally had more interesting experiences with the Green Tea. This well worth exploring and documenting in your dream diary,

Finally the employment of Yohimbine as part of a combo. This is not a jump modulator and is really only best consumed with the Galantamine/choline jump start. The 0.3 mg is taken at WBTB time with the GC jump modulator. I am currently investigating the combination of this with lower doses of green tea extract and the GC jump modulator and so far they seem to work synergistically though I would hesitate to experiment too much on this front as insomnia can be a problem as well as occasional lucid nightmares.

I have summarised a basic combo strategy below.

Stage 1

The overall strategy here is to test and record the individual effect of each modulator on your experience. This can seem like quite a task when you realise that some of the modulators, taken by themselves will not fire up a lucid dream but may at best have an effect on dreaming. I am talking of the dopamine and noradrenaline modulators. These are best taken and tried with a WBTB MILD indirect transition to test their effects and record the effect, lucid or not.

Stage 2

In the second stage we are going to attempt to induce a WILD and to enter this state consistently. We will be looking here to work with the GC jump modulator and the 5 HTP strategy. I would also advocate the use of GPC at this point too as it can really fire up the REM drive. It is crucial here not to put yourself in danger of desensitising the nerve endings and so either the use of Piracetam or time off between attempts (every 3 days would be safe if not using Piracetam).

Stage 3

At this stage we can mix up the modulators to achieve some interesting experiences. Of crucial importance here is to mix things up step by step. I would start with the 5 HTP

Galantamine/choline-GPC combo.

I would normally then try 5 HTP-GC-ECGC combo followed by the 5 HTP-GC-Mucuna Pruriens combo.

I would now mix the EGCG and Mucuna for a 5 HTP-GC-Mucuna-EGCG combo and evaluate the response of each of these combos before moving on to the Yohimbine.

To try this I would use 5 HTP-GC-Yohimbine and maybe a little EGCG with this at a later stage.

Modulator Combos



5 HTP 100mg bed time

GC 4-8mg/400-800mg WBTB

Very powerful trigger

Long intense experience

Intense transitions

5 HTP 100 mg bed time

GC 4-8mg/400-800mg WBTB

ECGC 45-90mg WBTB

Interesting transitions

Increased dream control

5 HTP 100 mg bed time

GC 4-8mg/400-800mg WBTB

Mucuna 100-200mg WBTB

Interesting dream theme experience

Increased dream control

5 HTP 100 mg bed time

GC 4-8mg/400-800mg WBTB

Mucuna 100mg WBTB


Interesting dream experience

Interesting transitions

Increased dream control

5 HTP 100 mg bed time

GC 4-8mg/400-800mg WBTB

Yohimbine 0.3mg WBTB

Transitions tend to exit in bedroom rather than jump

Intense experiences

Cognitive skills and memory of waking and dreaming reality significantly increased

I cannot stress enough that one needs to be mindful of your pursuit of this activity.

Furthermore I might suggest that a good technique to increase your odds of lucidity as well as offering more interesting experiences is to make sure to mix up your combos from attempt o attempt so as to keep your mind on its toes. By varying the time between attempts and mixing up the combos, we are psychologically as well as physically reducing tolerance to the effect of our techniques.

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